Hi All again,
You will have noticed Kev added "that p.s." to my last tale, re the birth of his two new grandsons (without my knowledge, otherwise it would have been far more elaborate and satisfying to the female audience) so I will add... Mum, Dad and babies are doing well, #1 weighed 1.5 kilos, #2, 2.2 kilos, both will be in humidicribs for a few weeks until they are breathing freely and have gained some weight, Jacinda had a caesarian which will now explain the 'dopey' reference by her loving dad (men!!! I say). Kev & I are thrilled and can't wait to meet these two new members of our family & also catch up with his other grandson (now one) & granddaughter (six) on our return to Australia, with presents in tow!!! I hear you ladies screaming "the names?"...but as of now this has still not been determined as the new mum & dad are getting to know their boys before they finally decide!!!....now back to the travel tales....
Well, after all that excitement and luxury of the French Riviera & Cote d'Azur we thought we should take a break to the south of France, much more leisurely atmosphere .......wineries, markets, old world villages, dragons, forts, invasions, conquests, knights (well history of) and to quote many others "the good life"!!!! Here they still siesta in the afternoon after long leisurely lunches, including inexpensive (but very good) wines, fresh baguettes, amazing cheeses, fruits, cold meats and pastries (to die for...and I probably will!), so we have decided to do the French thing and join them on quite a few occasions!!!
Kev has done it again with our accommodation and has us staying inside an old fort town (Aigues-Mortes) under the shadows of the main gate tower! All very medieval and fun!! The B & B is two single 3 story terraces (300 years old) joined to create a comfortable 4 bedroom (all with ensuites) home, complete with internal open courtyard (awash in ferns, flowers & fountain) and our living/dining area a great retreat on our return from many tours, shopping trips and car driving adventures (those who have travelled with Kev before ..will understand that one!!)
I have to add the breakfast provided by this haven matched or even excelled the accommodation!!...huge platters of freshly cut fruits, freshly made breads & pastries, home made jams, expensive selections of teas & coffees...and a host with enough knowledge of the local area, products & people to keep us amused for hours (and unfortunately he did this most morning so that we missed seeing some because we ran out of time!!)
We have visited (& revisited for Kev & I) many of the lovely attractions of this area whilst at Aigues-Mortes and on our travels west towards Pezenas where we left Gary & Sharyn to stay with their friends who have become the new owners of a French Chateau dating back to the 18th century but having been rebuilt in part with the remains of the 12th century castle that had been there beforehand. We were all invited for a BBQ and it was a treat to see this lovely old building and hear the stories of how they will be restoring it to become their family home! The grounds were particularly lovely with 1500 year old trees and 35 hectares of woods and farmlands to explore.
Us other 4 had to put up with another of Kev's finds, a 3 bedroom converted barn within an old farmhouse complex (with swimming pool), which was not as grand, but again a lovely haven for 10 days of trips, travels and relaxation before heading to Spain. Again we had a lovely hostess that left us 3 bottles of wine, 1 bottle of milk, (love her priorities!) home made jams & soaps on arrival, plus when she heard of the twins arrival, invited us to her home for champagne to celebrate (thanks Jacinda & Al!).
Well enough of my skiting, but the trip has been wonderful, weather perfect and only good news on the way!!!!

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