Hello Again, for the last one (this holiday, anyway!!)
I left you last time with the 8 of us heading to Barcelona for their Annual Festival and what a great time it was! Barcelona itself is a lovely old city with an enormous seaport and many winding old streets leading to Placas (plazas) where, during the festival, bands & groups are playing, all for free & all sorts of varieties, modern, classic, Celtic, African, Spanish jazz (Kev hasn't converted), plus loads of street stalls & markets. Then at night we had parades of "giant" effigies up to 5 metres tall portraying Spanish people, old & new, royalty & peasants etc...with the ability to shower you with their choice of water, lollies or fire (the last not so much anymore ---OH&S you know!!!) as they walked past whilst winding around the town...such fun and so lifelike!
The 2nd night we were treated to a parade of fire-spewing (sort of) dragons and all types of demonic figures accompanied by teams of "groupie" drummers and other musos playing strange instruments but helping them to navigate the tiny lanes and thousands of onlookers, all of this with no barricades or blocked off streets...just the attitude "we are on our way, you better get out of the way"...and after hundreds of years of doing it this way it works just fine!! We ate huge meals, drank even larger buckets of sangria and giant beers that got served all day and all night!!
One of the best times was had at 11.30pm when we attended a Beatles cover band full-on outdoor concert, the music was great and with a few drinks under our belts we were convinced it was really them, yes even the dead ones!! But wait, there's more.. on the morning before returning to our hacienda away from home, we witnessed the amazing skill and abilities of the "falconers & castellos", basically troups of everyday men, women and children (about 4 years young!!) building human pyramids in a variety of displays, all trying to outdo each other, to win the coveted yearly trophies. It was breathtaking, with no safety gear (except tiny tots had to wear helmets) and just pure strength, bravery and determination keeping them all up there (well most of the time, we witnessed some major spills as well), a wonderful way to leave the town that had entertained us for 3 days and 2 nights!!

Travel Blog by Jan Photography by Kevin
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