Hi All (again),
All 6 of us are currently on a hydrofoil cruising (quickly) down the Danube on our way to Vienna (as one does!) We have had 3 days in Budapest after leaving Siofok and our lovely apartment! As Kev keeps pointing out, the accommodation is basically downhill from here, as now money is involved for a while.
Our last few days in Siofok continued as before, watching the Hungarian holidaymakers (occasionally us too) frollicking in knee deep water among their floating toys & paddleboats.
This, after having laid on the concrete path flat on their backs (not us) to capture every ray of sun available for their array of body shapes in speedos & bikinis, some easy on the eye (including us 6 of course), most normal, and then the ones you hope you will never see in your own mirror!!
I must recount the tale of the "Sunset, Champagne, Sailing Cruise" which the 4 of us delayed until Jeff and Gayl could do with us on our final night to celebrate the time we spent on this lovely lake. Having arrived at the correct time, queued & paid our $7.50 AUD each, our expectations were high, we snagged the large lounge area at the blunt end (sorry Sarina) of the ketch, all 6 of us side by side and comfy. We then watched as the crew, smoked, chatted, laughed and basically had a good time for precisely the amount of time it took for the sun to set (out of our view) then suddenly all hands on deck to "motor" out to the lake.
Our young boathand (definitely wearing L plates) arrived to attend to all our needs with the first round of drinks...warm lemonade in a plastic cup! We indicated in our best Hungarian that we were promised champagne so he went away to check and came back offering wine and beer and, being benevolent, we agreed. He then proceeded to the beer keg in our sight and poured 5 plastic cups of white foam (Dad was turning in his grave) and his solution to this was to get a spoon and scoop out half and transfer to another cup, he then went down stairs to look for the wine, returning with a 4 litre unmarked glass green bottle, which he then sniffed to ascertain type and vintage (understanding that Australians were very fussy in this regard). He then decided the beer had settled enough to spoon the excess foam back in to the drinking cups and, voila, our promised "champagne" had now been served!!!
Yes there is an upside to this tale, the 6 of us were laughing so hard that we decided it was one of the funniest one hour of entertainment we had in years and I, as the only one enjoying the wine, realised after my first sip that if we ran out of fuel for our promised "sailing" trip home I could always suggest the contents of the green bottle!! We have renamed it the "Darkest, God knows what you will get to drink, Motorised, Funniest Cruise" you will ever take!!!! and this will shock you (NOT) there wasn't a life jacket or buoy in sight!!
Our last few days in Budapest have been hectic but marvellous, this city has amazing old buildings lining both sides of the Danube, mostly beautifully restored or rebuilt after a checkered history of invasions & wars, we went on boat tours during the day and at night (everything spotlighted with wonderful skill and no regard for the cost of electricity) to really appreciate the size and splendour of these structures, add bus & internal tours with lots of walking and we have done it ALL!!!!.....hence while I am typing I can see 5 other bodies in various stages of repose, energising for our next city!
Love to all and hopefully you are all well and enjoying life in Oz, for as much as touring is great fun it also makes you understand how lucky we are to live where we do!

Travel Blog by Jan Photography by Kevin
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