Hello again (sorry no Croation in my translator?) and continuing on.....
Leaving Dubrovnik our next destination was Kotor, Montenegro which is renown for the strait that you sail/motor down to get to Kotor city itself but as our ship arrived in Kotor at 7am and even though the cruise director (I think he was getting his own back) suggested we all get up at 5am to watch. I, being the diligent one, read the daily sheet that told us sunrise was at 6.49!! BUT having put 5am in my head, sure enough I was up at 5 looking at a blind person's version of the Kotor Straits....a stunning shade of black!!! Luckily we sailed out again at 4pm so, having scored the best seats in the house and a cocktail or two, we watched the "sail out" of the strait instead!
Kotor again is a very old walled city with a fabulous church straight up the mountain and many, many more steps later a wonderful fort....not that we saw these (except through the camera's telephoto lens). I just have to take the silly other passengers who did this strenuous excursion (why?) word for it!! Oh, and of course, churches, bell towers and palaces etc...I assume you are now getting the theme of Europe now?
Finally an 'at sea' day to try and recoup from all the 'almost' strenuous sight seeing we have been doing! Also a day to work on my tan (?)...alas it was overcast! Eating, drinking and trivia would have to suffice! Malta tomorrow for two days.....
We sailed into Malta by 8am so getting up to watch from our window was less traumatic, especially as we had ordered breakfast to our room...oh this is so easy to get use to!! I used to think if I won millions I'd be so altruistic and little of my life would change...what a foolish notion was that? I have discovered I'm quite shallow and, although I wouldn't go as far as $10,000 handbags, a few servants here and there would be most welcome! In fact we are planning on kidnapping our Russian waitress, last night we had a scallop entree (she doubled our serves) followed by lobster tails. Alice asked if we could have some truffle oil (as a joke) and, low and behold, Olga whipped off to the specialty seafood restaurant and brought back a jug!! Life was meant to be easy!! I know this is getting too much but I have decided to become 'Cruising the World's next Ambassador'..does anyone know where I get the form to apply and elastised/expandable clothes?
Malta was great, having been here before and seen the entire Island in one day (except Valetta) as we had been kidnapped by a wayward bus driver (long story!), we finally got to see this lovely, and again, unique town! The entire town is built from Malta stone (a soft honey colour) with very little relief except coloured enclosed balconies and the very occasional tree. The island has more forts than churches and that is saying something! They surround the ports and seaways and many have been restored but mostly are in original and grand condition. The town is very lively with locals and the ever present holidaying Europeans and those bloody day tripping cruise ship tourists!!! You can't take a photo without "them" getting in your way, they seem to be everywhere we are?...oh the 1st world problems we have to contend with! Speaking of that, the cocktail hour has arrived so I better scoot off to our favourite bar and let Kev's photos give you a better idea of Malta & Mdina (medieval town about 20 mins from Valetta)!!
Only 2 cruising days left!!

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