Hello all,
I know this follows close to #3, but due to lack of Wi If, we were cut off from the world (anyone reading this under 30 just fainted!!) for about 6 days, so #3 just hung around in cyberspace etc. I also need to clarify that the photos that were attached have been done by the photographer in the family and no censoring is allowed by me as he sends out before I see!!! So any more jokes about the last shot being a really bad shot of me can cease now!!! That I will have you know was modern art !!! Vienna was full of it and that about sums up my thoughts on modern art too!
Kev dragged me away from Prague by taking me to the French Riviera, so there are some compensations one must make!
We started in Nice and it was the 2nd time here for us, but as we loved this area so much last time Kev suggested the others come here also to enjoy with us again. Nice is a lovely town with the beach stretching almost the entire length of the main town (think Surfers but far more cosmopolitan & stones instead of sand) and the combination of Chanel & Armani suits and bikinis mix perfectly with the outdoor cafes, bars and beach umbrellas! We wandered the old town where the famous flower market has opened non-stop for years, with live orchid plants in full bloom for about $15 Aus and every other colourful flower you can think of. There is also the usual array of fresh produce and souvenirs but I am always amazed by the tables of spices and herbs all displayed in pretty baskets lined with Provencal style fabrics waiting to be sold by the pinch, handful or kilo!!!! It is a tour for the nose & eye...flowers, spices, exotic fruits (the strawberry & peach aromas just didn't stop!), then at the end is the fishmonger, just to bring you back to earth!
We all stayed in a little village called Valbonne (about 25 mins from Nice) in a lovely French style home that had been converted to a B & B on a very large block of land full of trees. The huge stone back deck was our living room for 6 days where we shared breakfast (provided), many "after touring" drinks and a couple of home made dinners (this allowing the drivers to partake in the many bottles of wine that seem to be flowing down our throats so easily at every opportunity!!) The French wine industry has no GFC anymore, the touring Aussies are fixing that nicely....
We spent those 6 days going to places such as St Paul de Vence (a perched village fully restored and now a town of art galleries and everything else you can't afford), Monte Carlo, Cannes & St Tropez.....well how to describe those?....easy I say.....money, money, money & more money, money, money!!! The display of extreme wealth via magnificent cars, boats, private planes, lavish villas & mansions was everywhere!! You would see a huge 130 metre boat and think it was amazing & then another that was even bigger would pull into the marina to reverse park for the night or to stock up on more champagne!!! Off with their heads I say!!! I must be getting a little bit "French" or jealous!
The weather has been treating us well, long, hot days (sunset about 8.30), cooler nights and the only rain a few storms (full on lightning, thunder & rain deluges), all at night and providing a nice back drop for our late night Bailey's or Cointreau, while resting our feet for the next tour!
Well I think that has made you all hate us enough, so I had better finish off now.....well actually, a Picpoul de Pinet (memories for the 2007 Rugby group) is calling me!!
Lots of love
p.s. From Kevin.... I am extremely proud and happy to advise that my daughter, Jacinda, has just given birth to twin boys today. Mother is a bit dopey but healthy so all good there. The boys are also in good health albeit very small (about 15-1600 gms) and will be in intensive care for a couple of weeks.

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